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Pellet is a 100% natural and organic product. It is an inexhaustible and renewable source of natural energy. Produced exclusively with wood shavings and sawdust of coniferous (pine and spruce) emerging in our sawmill after the treatment of wood. Under high pressure they are pressed into pellets. As burning fuel it replaces gas, oil or electricity.
It’s a high purity and high quality, clean and free of CO2, burned in furnaces, leaving very little ash and Derbis. Furthermore, ash pellet is also a complete natural fertilizer.

The characteristics of our pellets:

  • Raw material: sawdust and shavings without chemical additives
  • The calorific value of about 5 kW / kg
  • Density: 650 kg/m 3
  • Humidity: up to 12 % of the total weight
  • Ash content : up to 0.5% of the total weight
  • Diameter: 6 mm (+ / – 0.5 mm)
  • Length: 5 to 30 mm
  • The product is packed in 20 kg plastic bags (or other if necessary), so it is dry and clean.

Price 1100,00 zł net / tonne for a full truck delivery


  • low cost of heating komfortowa i czysta obsługa
  • comfortable and clean service
  • full automation of the combustion process
  • 100 % ecological
  • investment several times cheaper compared to heat pumps
  • independence from the constantly increasing in price of fuel and electricity