Sawdust mulch


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Stanisław Wenta: +48 605 560 446

Sawdust mulch
thick – bag of 25 kg in the price of 16,00 zł net / bag

Sawdust mulch is a completely natural andan ecological product. It is free of dust and shavings and the sifted sawdust is made of coniferous trees.

It is the most appropriate type of substrate for:
horses, cattle, poultry, fur animals and swine.

Characteristics of litter:

  • provide animal hygiene and physical comfort,
  • product has a high moisture absorption so that the animals are less ill,
  • protect the animal against the cold,
  • leave the room a fresh, pleasant smell of wood, reducing the smell of ammonia.

The product is packaged in plastic bales, so it is dry and clean.