Why Danmar

Let us now present you in a few points why the wooden – framed house of Danmar should be chosen.


Partitions in wooden buildings have low coefficients of thermal conductivity. Mineral wool fills our walls and roofs, insulating the house against the warmth escape and allows for the rapid heating of the building with the low amount of the energy supplied e.g – framing wall filled with mineral wool min.15cm and finishing materials-has a heat transfer coefficient U = 0.28 W/m2K.


The materials used to build the house are wood-human friendly which thanks to the modern treatment – four-planing as well as drying chamber at a temperature above 65 degrees is protected against pests, rot and inflammation


The duration of our homes in our system is estimated at a minimum of 120 years. The best proof of it are the old wooden houses more than 200 years old, which can be seen in the museum of wooden architecture in our company. The use of a bonding SPAX system in fitting further enhances the whole structure.


By adding more partitions we have the possibility of an unlimited distribution inside the house, whose parts can be moved and removed without the need for cumbersome forging and construction of new foundations.


The use of wood building creates a favorable microclimate for users with excellent acoustic properties protecting against the noise and with excellent insulating properties. You will enjoy pleasant and warm atmosphere while living in our homes.


You can do practically all the work from the foundation to the finishing works in the same season. Wanting to meet your needs our company offers the opportunity to bring investment to the state of the foundations of development project with construction supervision over the investment. There is also the possibility of putting the house in the building shell, making the construction of the investor very flexible. She frame construction home is built at approximately 120m2 over three weeks. The remaining steps are then taken according to the financial resources and time. The short construction time allows to avoid the endless problems associated with long lead times and the risk of price increases.


The advantage of our company is also a short time before wait the home is placed. If all the matters relating to the construction permit are dealt with and the documentation is finalized it is within 3-4 weeks, that we are ready to go and install the selected model home.


The company Danmar Domy Drewniane was established in 1993, and since then we have completed more than 6 000 investmenst in Poland and Europe which gave us a great experience and a leading position in the production of wooden which is confirmed by the Chamber of Foreign Trade No. 111/2003 ISO 9001:2008. We hope we were able to convince you that the wooden house is a house that will meet your expectations. If you should have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

Team Sales Department Danmar Domy Drewniane