The construction of a wooden skeleton used by Danmar is now becoming an increasingly popular technology of housing around the world.

It is distinguished thanks to excellent:  icon - Technologies durability

In difficult ground conditions is often the only possible way to build your own home. Our houses are made of high quality trees kiln-dried to 14-18% moisture content, which was beforehand planed four times.

The whole structure of the skeletal is combined by the highest quality SPAX screws. In addition, wood is protected by immersion method of impregnating agents that protect against any biological corrosion and have bactericidal and fungicidal and fireproof function.

 icon - Technologies energy – efficiency
 icon - Technologies quick installation

Wooden house in the frame structure is mounted to a previously prepared foundation in the form of appropriately spaced bars or slabs of concrete. In the case of using it the disc structure is fixed by means of anchor bolts. It is also possible to use the existing foundation, which is often not possible in case of traditional technology. Houses built by our company are characterized by having a high energy-efficiency heat transfer coefficient at the level of V = 0.12 W / m² x K for the year-round home version.